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Post-Ardennes VDS Results and Standings

Vds2_mediumAt last, the long-awaited, we're-done-with-the-Classics update. Standings are as follows:

  1. Muk's Maybes, 6421
  2. The Bikery, 6393
  3. Les Pignons Fou, 6232
  4. Atala, 6184
  5. Castrogiovanni Colafranceschi – Ciclisti di Pasquadibisceglie , 6161
  6. Team Beer Lao, 6029
  7. Thrill del Abecedarian, 5995
  8. Crazy D's Chain Gang, 5982
  9. Sco Team Aero, 5960
  10. Troubled Trike Tykes, 5946

So no change at the top, but be not fooled... these standings remain incredibly close for the next ... what? Eighty places? The gap between 2 and 3 is perhaps the largest between any adjacent rankings, save for the split between last and second-to-last (nice work on the Lanterne Rouge!).

As usual, the various numbers can be found here, where you can sift through the race results of interest. In keeping with how I should've been doing this all along, click on "standings" next to each race name to see how your team totals matched up that day. The Davide Rebellin er, Serguei Ivanov award for best week in the Ardennes goes to Dizzy and Full of Bruises, winners of both Amstel and Liege, and 8th in La Fleche. OK, their inability to score on the Mur doesn't resemble Rebellin much, and unlike Reb D&Fo'B aren't done for the year (Contador!). Runner up: Thrill of the Abecedarian (2-4-5) (the Cunego prize?).