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GP Miguel Indurain... LIVE!!!!!!


A nice appetizer for the weekend


Cycling Fans has link(s) to video that they think will start at 15:50 CET/ 9:50 am, Eastern. No doubt our umwolverine will post the best links too in the first couple of comments below.

Fabian Wegman is the defending champion while my money is on Alejandro Valverde. Other notables include Sam San, some of the Schleck brothers, some more Efimkins, various Sorensens, Rinaldo Nocentini, Toni "Appendix" Colom, Ivan "I'm not Iban" Mayoz, Zeke, the Liquigas Glimmer Twins Nibali and Kreuziger, Captain Mullet Vlad Karpets, "Downtown Detroit" Cobo, Nicholas "I too have ridden the Chicken" Roche, X-Man Xavier Florencio, Ruben "and the Jets" Perez, Leeeeeeeeeenos, J-Rod, "Super" Egoi Martinez, and a host of others ending with "Back of the peloton" David Moncoutie. The full start list is here.


People! This is the full dress rehearsal for Flanders tomorrow so make sure you get this right!