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Tour of the Basque Country, Stage Two... Live!


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Cycling Fans and Steephill TV have links to the Universal Sports US-Geo restricted- with no commentary- and the Spanish language ETB feed. Look for th videos somewhere between 9:35-10 am, Eastern,  or 15:55 CET (yeah- that's what they call that time!!!!) And for Denmark viewers there's also a feed for them too on TV2 Sport.

Also Universal replays the stage with commentary later in the day. Neat-o. That will come in very handy on Wednesday when Gent-Wevelgem rears it's nasty head also in the morning. Give Universal a Snuggie!

A fun thing on the Steephill TV dashboard is the link they have to the maps of each stage which you access by clicking on the Map linky under each stage. A very nice feature!


Today's stage starts like gangbusters- a cat 2 then a cat 1 climb within the first 35 km of the start- then calms down (four cat 3 climbs) well before the finish. Given that so many teams still have their leaders tied for the lead expect to see the break dominated by the likes of Cofidis or Contentpolis or Milram get pulled in way before the finish. That last cat 3 hill some 27 km from the finish should not cause much havoc, especially when the Queen stage is the next day.