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NY Velocity Interviews Michael Ashenden

D_medium NY Velocity has published a lengthy and detailed interview with Michael Ashenden, the anti-doping researcher. Among other things, Ashenden worked on the EPO test introduced in 2000 and the test for homologous blood-doping introduced in 2004. In the interview, he discusses the evolution of testing from his perspective as a researcher and the motivations that have led him to work in anti-doping. The interview does not shy away from controversy. It devotes significant space to the subject of Lance Armstrong, and in particular, the testing of the 1999 Tour de France samples and the disputed study by Dr. Ed Coyle.

Whether or not you agree with Ashenden's analysis and conclusions, this interview is essential reading. Rarely do we see such extensive on-the-record comments as Ashenden provides here. Likewise, Andy Shen at NY Velocity knows his stuff, and it shows in the questions he asks here.

Here at the Cafe we have held to a house rule strongly discouraging re-hashing the old debates, especially the controversy over the '99 samples. This isn't because we love Lance Armstrong, but rather, because we love the happy civility that reigns here. (The long-time regulars know this, natch, but I include it for the newcomers). Discussing Armstrong and doping tends to have the effect of introducing religion or politics into dinner party conversation. It's great if everyone agrees. Otherwise, not so much.

All the same, there is much to discuss in this interview. Just remember to play nice. Share the toys. Don't throw sand. Or, I'll shake my banana at you!

Read the NY Velocity Ashenden Interview.