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Pais Vasco, Stage 3, The Queen Stage... Live!


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Cycling Fans and Steephill TV have links to the Universal Sports US-Geo restricted- with no commentary- and the Spanish language ETB feed. Look for the videos somewhere between 9:35-10 am, Eastern,  or 15:55 CET (yeah- that's what they call that time!!!!) And for Denmark viewers there's also a feed for them too on TV2 Sport.

Also Universal replays the stage with commentary later in the day.

A fun thing on the Steephill TV dashboard is the link they have to the maps of each stage which you access by clicking on the Map linky under each stage. A very nice feature!


This is a HUGE stage that will determine who the final real conetstants are for the overall. But with so many good riddrs near the lead and most teams with a couple of options to play on the road this is a wide open race today. We'll miss the opening skirmishing for the breaks but the real action wil happen in the last 50 km when four serious categorized climbs come right after each other as you can see by the course profile. Also probably the last climb (at least) will happen after Gent-Wevelgem is over!