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Holy [&@! Week!

Parisroubaix_mediumI picked the wrong time for a spike of work. Let's see, Holy Week of Cycling, plus a star-studded Pais Vasco. Various other sports including baseball openers, basketball champs (completely ignored), Champions' League (maybe it's for the best Roma aren't around), and my alma mater in the NCAA Hockey Semis tomorrow. Plus the Giro is tinkering with its formula (see below). And I'm taking on race organizing duties for my club. And DS Little Bear plays his first-ever tee-ball game Saturday. I think maybe Passover starts tonight too. [/whine]

I need to post a few wrapup reflections to Gent-Wevelgem before turning the page, but will add those to the post-race thread below. Will start in on Paris-Roubaix and what makes it so freaking great sometime tonight. Fear not, we will be all about the Cycling world's worst stretch of cobbled roads starting... well, now. Feel free to post away about any part of the Queen of the Classics that strikes your fancy.