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Giro d'Italia Stage 3... LIVE!

Giro-live-main_mediumLight blogging Sunday between the sprint stages. The Universal guy said something about today's Stage 3 from Grado to Valdobbiadene being a chance for the classics guys, but then he might just have a big ol mancrush on Danilo Di Luca. Hey, who am I to talk?

Anyway, I searched around a bit and can't find any evidence of a finishing ramp, and the official site seems to think it'll be another one for the fastmen. Which to me means Petacchi. He's red-hot, has been for a couple weeks, while Cavendish looks like he needs a vacation. That said, now that Petacchi has a win under his belt, the onus shifts completely to him and his Lpr train, so look for some changes to the other guys' tactics today. If they make it to the line in a bunch again. Oh, and it's just under 200km, so there may be some tired legs around. Enjoy!