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Giro d'Italia, On the Scene at Stage Three


The folks in Valdobbiadene really know how to throw a Giro stage.  As we entered the pressroom, we were each handed a gift bag of local products, including two bottles of prosecco.  Then, there was a big spread of delicious food, and more prosecco, at Petacchi's press conference.  Definitely a big improvement over the usual "all the water and Esta The you can drink" refreshment situation.

Alessandro Ballan showed up to see the stage finish.


Cipo is omnipresent at this Giro.  I've seen him at every stage.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Di Luca stopped for a quick question while riding away from the finish area.


Michael Rogers spoke with a concerned-looking Erik Zabel and Bob Stapleton after the finish.


A happy Petachi celebrates his stage win.


And collects the maglia rosa


He got the maglia ciclamina, as well.


Mauro Facci got some birthday kisses, and the maglia verde, on his 27th birthday.


Tyler Farrar won the maglia bianca.


Here's a shot from Petacchi's post-stage press conference.


Our pressroom gift bag included a lovely letter from the president of the local stage committee, in Italian and English.  Here's the English version:


As President of Comitato di Tappa, I would like to take you the greetings of all the Vadobbiadene citizens,

We strongly desired that Giro d'Italia could get throw our beautiful town.

We have been working a long in order to get ready as better as we could.

All this because we wanted to let our hospitality be also gratitude.

From this land I would like you to keep the memories of our wonderful hilled landscapes, and I have also some of our typical local products that distinguish us all over the world.

We hope to see you soon.



Thank you, Valdobbiadene, for a wonderful afternoon at the Giro.


  -- Susie Hartigan for Podium Cafe