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Giro Stage 5: Post-Stage Thread

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Grio-poststage_mediumWe learned an awful lot today about who is here to win, or at least who isn't. Look for much flo... uh, blogging of this subject today. For now, the results:

  1. Denis Menchov
  2. Danilo Di Luca, at 0.02
  3. Thomas Lovkvist, at 0.05
  4. Ivan Basso, s.t.
  5. Levi Leipheimer, at 0.09
  6. Chris Horner, s.t.
  7. Carlos Sastre, s.t.
  8. David Arroyo, s.t.
  9. Michael Rogers, s.t.

Abruzziamo into pink!! GC:

  1. Di Luca
  2. Lovkvist, at 0.05
  3. Rogers, at 0.36