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Giro d'Italia Stage 6... LIVE!

Grio-poststage_mediumThis stage screams breakaway. The Giro, unlike the Tour, has a pretty proud tradition of piano stages, and the day after some hard mountain climbs is reliably a day when the big teams don't care to chase down escapees. In addition, the presence of a couple hard climbs means the sprint teams won't have a dog in the fight. Which leaves... everyone else. It's practically inevitable.

Which means, a small group of riders will engage in a desperate, grueling paceline for some large percentage of tomorrow's 242km, the second-longest stage (by 2km) of the entire Giro, while the rest of the pack coasts along at a recovery pace. Yes, people in this sport earn their money. Except me, of course. Incidentally, I won't be available much today, so it's open season on the front page. Enjoy!