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Giro d'Italia, Stage Five Press Conference

Di Luca takes a question from Podium Cafe!


Here's my translation of the q&a:

Me:      I'm sorry for my Italian; it's not well. (Yeah, that didn't come out right.  I meant to say, "it's not good.")  Yesterday, you said that the favorites for this stage were Sastre, Basso, and Simoni.  Did you know that there would also be Di Luca?

Di Luca:          I was hoping for it.  I was hoping for it, and I could also imagine it.  I am...I repeat that I have the condition of 2007.  I demonstrated that today.  When I have these sensations, this condition, I have always said that I can win any race.      Then, it takes so much luck in a grand tour, but when I have this condition I can win any race.  And, I wasn't mistaken, apart from Simoni.  Basso and Sastre were [unintelligible].  Sastre also [collapsed on his bike?]


Di Luca was an interesting presence at the press conference.  He has a touch of what used to be called the bearing of a nobleman: proud, elegant, and aloof.  He joked easily with the press, and was friendly and gracious, but there was always a certain subtle but unmistakable reserve.  Jens Voigt, he is not. 

After the day's effort, he displayed only a shadow of the crackling energy that's so evident when you see him at a stage start, but the intensity was still there.  He must have asked for copies of the stage result sheets that are distributed in the pressroom, because someone handed them to him as he sat down, and he studied them intently as we took our seats.  As he pored over the results, I remembered something Simoni said during the 2007 Giro: "You can see that Di Luca is racing differently than the rest of us.  He's thinking more."


  -- Susie Hartigan for Podium Cafe