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Giro d'Italia Stage 8: LIVE!

Giro-live-mount_mediumOh, this is gonna be fun. In all likelihood one of two climbs will separate the GC guys from the rest of the pack, either in the last 27km over the Colle di Gallo or the final climb to the old section of Bergamo inside the last 4km. Maybe an enterprising sprinter hangs on for the downhill finale, but two guys in particular are likely to force the issue: Di Luca and Cunego. The latter might be left alone, with only a time bonus to gain, but the maglia rosa will be hounded to the finish line. Surely everyone knows he'll be hunting for time bonuses, and Columbia will lead the charge to deny Di Luca his quarry. Which sets it all up very nicely for Cunego.

Or a break stays away. Actually, that's probably a better bet, in which case I have no idea who will win. But I do like Cunego in the finale, in Lombardia where he really is the champion of the roads. No matter how you slice it, there will be entertainment. Enjoy!