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Giro d'Italia, Milano Circuit Race... LIVE!

Giro-live-main_mediumWell this should be a complete hoot. I still can't get over the fact that they are running a circuit race through the streets of Milano. But then few cities have had more to do with the race, at least as a ceremonial presence, and this is simply a high-speed ceremony, or ten of them.

It's also likely the last Cavendish - Petacchi duel for a while. Petacchi will claw his way to Rome, but Cavendish is planning to duck out soon. Obviously there are a number of other fastmen on hand, and Tyler Farrar is as strong an interloper as you'll find in the bunch sprint. But Petacchi is the favorite until anyone stops him.

One last note: can't rule out an escape. The twists and turns help reduce the peloton's usual advantage some, so anyone feeling mighty has a shot. Enjoy!