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Giro d'Italia, Stage Eight Press Conference

Di Luca takes a question from Podium Cafe:



Translation on the flip...

Here's a translation:

Me:    What does it mean to you that you have given to the Abruzzesi (the people of Abruzzo) a reason for celebration?

Di Luca:    It's very important.  You have seen that my region is going through a period that is not beautiful, and I have always said that in this month of the Giro d'Italia I was seeking to give them a month of amusement, of not thinking of all the bad things that have happened.  Maybe in this month of amusement, of seeing the Giro d'Italia, the victory, or the victory to be made, is naturally dedicated to them.

The emcee of the press conference then announced that Esta The, the sponsor of the maglia rosa, had just announced that from now until the end of the Giro, one of the Esta The logos on the jersey would be replaced with "Aiutiamo Abruzzo" (Let's help Abruzzo), which drew applause from the press.


  -- Susie Hartigan for Podium Cafe