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Techs-Mechs: The Race of Truth

Very few events are as exciting to me as the 60km time trial.  There is no where to hide and it's time for the cream to rise.  That being said, tomorrow's ITT will have climbs at 10% grade and some fast descents.  Aerodynamics are important of course, but not if you have to dump your speed at every sharp turn. 

CN has done a couple pieces this week featuring the TT rigs of Ivan Basso (Cannondale) and Lance (Trek of course).  Both pure crono rigs with a premium on aerodynamics.  However, I am hearing talk that there may be a trend toward more modified road bikes tomorrow.    I  can't help but think of the prologue of the '95 TdF when Chris Boardman rode his super aero Lotus TT rig that looked like it was designed for an hour record attempt.  It was pouring rain, and Boardman's Tour ended with a broken ankle after about 2 miles.  Reining champ, Big Mig left the Espade in the team van and hopped on his standard road bike.  He didn't win the stage, but he kept it close and most importantly stayed upright. 

I look forward to seeing what Levi, Menchov, the Killer and the other favorites will be on.  I predict Levi will stick with a TT rig, but more tradional deep section rims.  Killer will need to capitalize on the downhills and will ride a more tradional road bike.  Just a hunch.

Anyone have any insight on tomorrows machines?