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Giro d'Italia, Stage 12... Cinque Terror ITT LIVE!!

Giro-live-tt_mediumWow, after five months of rampant speculation, we are actually about to watch this thing. Today should be thoroughly fascinating, and its effect on the race could range from negligible (everyone kinda bombs it) to deciding the entire Centenary Giro. I am out of things to add. Except this: the weather should be pretty nice. Apparently it's raining there now, but clearing soon, long before the hostilities ignite. Not too hot either.

Oh, and here are the start times. According to Steephill.TV, coverage should hit the air about the time Edvald Boasson Hagen finishes. There will only be about a dozen or so riders who haven't started yet, but given the length we should see about the last 60 guys finish. Enjoy, this is going to be epic.