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Giro Stage 19 Preview: Avellino - Vesuvio

Giro09-main_medium Stage 19 :: Friday May 29, 2009
164km :: Avellino - Vesuvio

Stage 19.  I have thought of this stage as the defining stage of the 2009 Giro ever since it was announced.  I had no idea if it would be pivotal, although now the potential certainly exists (although perhaps in the abstract.)  It encompasses though, the more romantic nature of a Grand Tour for me, the reason I love the Tour of California; it's the opportunity to show the world the most beautiful aspects of your land by having a rolling parade and helicopter money shots the entire time.  This stage, will provide that in bushels. 

If you've never seen the Amalfi coast before, you must watch this stage.  If you have an appreciation for ancient history, you must watch this stage.  If you love watching cyclists suffer on horrific gradients in an attempt at immortality, you must watch this stage.  The history, the culture, the beauty and the grandeur of Italy are all wrapped up in this one.

I love you, Stage 19.  My love for you is like a truck.  Let me take you to the movies, let me take you to the show.  I want to take you out after work and build snowmen in the dark with you, that's how much I love you.  I'm so enamored with you, that last night, I hauled out the ol' video editing software and relearned how to make video flyovers.  While I still highly recommend reading Gavia's Stage 19 Preview at, I'll dispense with my usual quips, barbs, prattle and thumbnails, and go straight to the video.

Girbecco says: I bet Podium Cafe member plinytheelder is a little apprehensive about this stage :)