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Giro d'Italia, Stage 19 Al' Vesuvio... LIVE!!!

Giro-live-mount_mediumHoly jeebus... this stage is enough to make one believe in higher powers watching over us, maybe even putting the occasional thumb on the scale for somewhat frivolous purposes. How could life deliver such an unbelievably gorgeous stage of a nailbitingly exciting bike race if not for an activist God who, for reasons I will never understand, suddenly wants to make my life vastly better? I will not believe that this is a happy coincidence. It's too good.

Anyway, Universal goes live at 5:40am Pacific, which I assume is when everyone else shows up, save for those countries who care more about tennis. Yes, tennis. Watching two guys hit the ball back and forth at each other with ant-like devotion to the cause is apparently more enthralling to some people than a race through a string of smoldering UNESCO world heritage sites. Hoooo...kay. Have fun with that. We'll be watching the Giro. Oh, and one last thing: in addition to being a beautiful stage... it's Business Time. Enjoy!