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Vesuvian Smackdown: Post-Stage Thread

Grio-poststage_mediumIt's hard for a stage as unbelievable as this to live up to expectations, but not a problem today. The scenery was unreal, and the battle was completely ferocious, if something of a stalemate.

  1. Carlos Sastre, Cervelo
  2. Franco Pellizotti, Liquigas, at 21"
  3. Danilo Di Luca, Lpr, at 30"
  4. Denis Menchov, Rabobank, s.t.
  5. Ivan Basso, Liquigas, at 35"
  6. Levi Leipheimer, Astana, at 53"
  7. Tadej Valjavec, AG2R, at 1.14
  8. Serge Pauwels, 
  9. Jose Serpa
  10. Stefano Garzelli

Some shuffling of the GC, but no major change:

  1. Menchov
  2. Di Luca, at 0.18
  3. Pellizotti, at 1.39
  4. Sastre, at 2.40
  5. Basso, at 3.33
  6. Leuipheimer, at 4.55

Screenshots please!! Like this: