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Giro d'Italia, Stage 20... LIVE!

Giro-live-main_mediumTwo more days of Veloki's lovely graphics. Two more days of the Centenary celebration. At some point the website won't even be 65% pink anymore. It's been a great, great time, though I have to wonder what's more fun, the race or the anticipation of it? The Giro is special that way. The parcours makes you dream.

Anyway, today is a transitional stage on the way to Rome. Few transitions could be more exciting -- Rome! -- but the race itself promises some action too. Surely Di Luca can't pass up the opportunity to chase some precious seconds, even if controlling the race will require a herculean effort. Surely Menchov and his cohorts will be on high alert for this or any other Neapolitan surprises. Surely there are a few dozen other ambitions at work today, butting up against the meta-narrative of the maglia rosa. Who knows... Either way it will be fun. Enjoy!