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Preview of Giro d'Italia Race Reports

I leave for Italy in a few days, so this is a brief preview of the race reports I'll be doing.

If all goes according to schedule, I'll be in fabulous Venice on Friday afternoon, desperate to sleep off some jetlag, but most likely, too excited to sleep a wink.


I'm staying on Lido di Venezia, site of the stage one cronosquadre, so I should have a good vantage point for all the day's activities.  On Sunday, I'll go to Jesolo Lido for the start of stage two, and the day after that, I pick up the rental car and head for the Dolomites. 


After seeing both Dolomites stages and the finish of stage eight in Bergamo, I'll make my way to Rome, where I meet up with a bike tour group for the second half of the race.  The next time I see the Giro in person will be at the stage finish in Florence, and from then on, I'll probably be at every stage through the finish in Rome.

In Venice, the Dolomites, and Bergamo, I should be able to post reports pretty efficiently, since I can use the pressroom.  Once I'm with the tour group, though, my posting will depend on the group's schedule and the availability of web access at our hotels.

I might want to include some videos in my reports this year, so, for a test run, here's a brief clip of a fun moment from last year's trip.  On the second Dolomites stage, before riding to Passo Fedaia for the stage finish, my Aussie tour group roommate Karen and I rode part way up the back side of the climb to Passo Pordoi, to see the riders descend off the first climb of the day.  Karen draped her Australian flag on the guardrail, and when Nick Gates went by, he saw the flag and called out, "hey, Aussies," and you can hear Karen's and my reaction.  A few days later, I spoke with Nick Gates at the stage start in Sondrio, and he remembered seeing the flag and sent a little greeting to Karen.