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Astana for the Giro

No big surprises... just a stellar lineup:

  1. Lance Armstrong
  2. Jani Brajkovic
  3. Chris Horner
  4. Levi Leipheimer
  5. Steve Morabito
  6. Daniel Navarro
  7. Yaroslav Popovych
  8. Jose Luis Rubiera
  9. Andrey Zeits

In the VN writeup Lance talks of no pressure, helping Levi win, etc. I still see three potential GC guys, depending on who feels best, with Horner around for all sorts of mischief (if he's recovered enough), and some proven workhorse domestiques. Better than most teams can throw at the Giro, IMHO. Only question: is this Bruyneel's last hurrah in baby blue? Probably not... those black Livestrong kits would be a recipe for heatstroke on the baked July moonscape of Mont Ventoux.