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Universal Sports to Carry Live Giro Video

Link here. H/t Phil for mentioning it. The announcement comes with no details as to time, announcers, etc., so some critical portions of this story need fleshing out. Also, anyone hoping to watch on Universal should test their computer on whatever is running live, to make sure you have the right plugins. I have some contacts there so maybe I can get answers.

Ultimately, though, this is probably good news. Almost certainly good news. Here's hoping they show the entire stages as they are happening!

UPDATE! I spoke with their marketing person, she is preparing details as we speak. All she said, besides wait a half hour when she'll know more, is that they literally just signed the deal, and it's for the next four years. It includes TV too, if you are fortunate enough to live in a market served by their cable channel.

Update 2: "All live online and just a slight delay on TV." I think the TV is on at noon, which I take to be eastern time. More details as they come.

Update 3: VN has a more detailed article on these developments, which suggest that the Giro caved on the price at the last minute. This sounds about right, though it's hard to judge a situation so cloaked and distant. Anyway, my favorite quote:

“This thing had been going on for months,” Michaels said, adding that the price RCS demanded was initially too steep. “Then I woke up this morning, and at 6:10 a.m. opened up my email. I just yelled out. My wife said, ‘you okay?’ I said, ‘the Giro’s back!’”