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Dauphine Libere Stage Four-The 42.4km ITT.... Live!

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Savant__mediumThis is interesting

42 kilometers.

Mostly flat.

One small cat 4 hill with at most a 3% grade.

Few turns. Lots of straights.

Weather: Cloudy, high of 78F/26C, 20% chance of rain.

A power ITT course if there ever was one.

Favorites? Come on! Evans-Contador or Bert-Cadel in whatever order you favor. Others will challenge too: Valverde, Gutierrez, Nibali, Gesink, Millar, Grabsch, Clement, Lang. For some of the others who did well in the opening TT of 12 km this one might be a bit long, but who knows? Maybe Rosseler will show he can compete in the long TT's. Too bad the likes of Cancellara, Gilbert, Kirchen, Zabriskie, Vandevelde, Menchov, etc aren't here too.

What it means

Most likely after this stage we'll have Evans and/or Contador with a decisive advantage heading into the mountains, meaning that the main hope any other rider has is if Cadel and Bert are still too far from their peaks' to charge up the mountains. Possible. Likely? Depends on which second tier GC guy wants to go all out.

Video: Start time is a little later today. CTV and France 3 should start at 15:45 CEST, 9:45 am eastern, Eurosport at 16:00 CEST. And the rest? We'll figure them out eventually. Check Steephill.TV or Cycling fans for links to Eurosport video and audio and France3 TV video and Danish TV and whatever else becomes available.