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QsOTD, Dauphine Stylze...

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Daffe_mediumPoached from VN:

"Valverde was super-strong today," Contador said. "At the base of the climb, he told me he wanted to attack and asked me what I was going to do. I said I was going to stay with Evans and that’s when he decided to attack."

Conspiracy, much? I love this, two Spanish stars, occasional rivals -- though occasional teammates (e.g., Beijing) -- laying bare their plans for the day. Cycling really is like no other sport.

"It was a bizarre race. It seemed not many riders want to win the Dauphine," said Evans...

Not to pile on the guy, but... this is news? Seriously Cadel. When guys show up at the Giro "just for training," you might smell a sandbagger, but the CDL is a training race. It says so here.

Valverde: "Szmyd was a big help on the climb and without him I wouldn’t have been able to make up so much time, but I didn’t give him the win."

Snicker. Hooo-kay... so Szmyd cracked you with his overshifting feint? It's fine, gentlemen don't talk...

"We didn't speak or anything," said Szmyd, "but it was an automatic agreement. As I was almost sure to win, I became stressed out. I had the feeling I might throw up. My legs simply stopped. I told myself, 'you have to do it'. Eventually, I caught Valverde who behaved as a lord of cycling. He's done so much already in his career."

This one comes from the CN recap. Might want to get your stories straight next time guys. Or maybe Valverde assumed none of the press spoke Polish. Still, I love how opponents talk about each other in cycling. Very amusing. Szmyd is a perfect image for why these races are so fun. Big Cats are away; cool, hardworking mice get to play. Yay!