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Dauphine Libere Stage 7: Queen Stage Thread...Live!

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So realize that the Suisse Tour starts today and there's another Live Thread for that too.

Well, duh, Skip.  I can already see that.

Video:  CTV  should start at 15:15 CEST, 9:15 am Eastern. Note CTV will start Suisse Tour coverage at 17:00 CEST, 11am Eastern. There might be overlap between the two if the Dauphine stage takes a little longer than expected.

According to Cycling Fans, Eurosport probably won't be showing the stage in favor of tennis and LeMans. The same is true for the Suisse Tour too.  And the rest? We'll figure them out eventually. There are/will be a variety of links at Steephill.TV or Cycling fans.