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Dopage: The Open Thread

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Blood_mediumSo 50 or so riders are about to be suspended. Or maybe 50 guys have been targeted for further examination, meaning everyone but those 50 are considered clean, and only six or seven are thought sure to be guilty at this time with another 43 under scrutiny. Or maybe everyone is guilty. All I can say is, I am clean. I did a stage race this weekend, and most assuredly missed out on whatever could have woken up my legs Sunday.

Tourbecco_eye_mediumAnyway, news seems to be trickling out slowly, and with questionable value, so until we get a big headline use this thread to talk about what's happening today. I'll get it started by ridiculing Velonews: here's your lame headline/story of the day. Is there anything ambiguous about the Valverde/Tour polemica? I have a lot of respect for Andy Hood's reporting, so maybe this is what you write when your medium clears space for a major story and it doesn't break on time. But AFAIK no means no, even/especially in France.

As for the rest of them, know this: Tourbecco is watching you. Very closely.

Update! Some clarity, which I think we already identified, from CN:

"I emphasised that there weren't 50 suspicious riders," McQuaid told Cyclingnews. "The 50 refers to a selection from the long list for the Tour de France.... A group of around 50 [from 300 potential entrants submitted by the teams] were selected by UCI, ASO and AFLD comprising the race favourites, leading riders in each team and some targeted riders; they will get extra testing on top of the others."