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Tour de Suisse Stage 7: Post-Stage Thread

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Suisse-cheese_mediumSounds like I missed a hell of a race. Stupid day job... Anyway, this really has been an exciting TdS, even if you might prefer to see the big July names battling it out on Europe's highest ascents. Not happening. Instead, we have a ten-way slugfest pitting the expected protagonists against another slate of colorful characters whom I never imagined seeing here but am thoroughly enjoying it now that they are. We have a critical threshold -- drop Cancellara tomorrow or you can give up on winning -- that keeps building the tension. We have (at least) ten guys with a legitimate pathway to victory, unchanged IMHO from the last power poll I wrote, but that clock is ticking. Anyway, results:

  1. Kim Kirchen, Columbia
  2. Roman Kreuziger, Liquigas, at 0.02
  3. Peter Velits, Milram, at 0.06
  4. Olivier Zaugg, Liquigas, s.t.
  5. Eros Capecchi, Fuji-Servetto, s.t.
  6. Fabian Cancellara, Saxo Bank, at 0.07
  7. Rui Costa, Caisse d'Epargne, s.t.
  8. Vlad Karpets, Katusha, s.t.
  9. Tony Martin, Columbia, s.t.
  10. Chris-Anker Sorensen, Saxo Bank, s.t.

And the overall:

  1. Tadej Valjavec, AG2R
  2. Cancellara, at 0.09
  3. Zaugg, at 0.14
  4. Kreuziger, at 0.31