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The Lurker Challenge!

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This is a little frivolous, but what the hey, it's Friday afternoon. Right now we have 976 registered members of the Podium Cafe. That's pretty close to 1,000 and, well, who doesn't love round numbers? So with the Tour approaching, I am calling on lurkers to come on out and register. It's free, and your information doesn't need to be legitimate... why should we hold you to a higher standard than the editors? On the flipside... well, I can't think of a reason to register. Respect of your peers?

Anyway, when we hit 1,000, there will be much rejoicing.

Update! 986 and counting!!

Update again... 991! Welcome MaestroDon, Suriv7, Ston_ar, CollegiateCyclingRocks, Strawdog, Nickorloff, Poefolk, SF Rando, Boredandtired, dkirk, Granny Mebba, g-rant and decimal boy!

UPDATE: We did it!! Orn is #1000. Thanks also Gryf, battery89, Woylie, Lurker McLurkerson, maybe over 1000, Quarantanamo, TristeroBaby, and onyerleft!