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The Unforgettable Moment

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Two days later, I still can't believe what I saw:

Giro d'Italia / Tour of Italy 2009 Stage 21 Crash of Denis Menchov (via Wielerflits)

The only explanations I have seen don't really contain much... it was wet, the bike slipped... despite the fact that Menchov was traveling in a straight line. Can anyone recall anything like this ever happening before? It may be slightly obsolete, but I do think we need an entry in the Podium Cafe Lexicon for this.

To Menchov (v): To nearly Schleck yourself, with far more shocking and horrible circumstances, only to recover and rescue victory.

Rabobank are a team with many attributes, but apparently teaching their grand tour riders how to stay upright on their cronobikes at the most crucial moments isn't one of them:

Michael Rasmussen in slottijdrit Tour 2005 (via lorro85)

That one never gets old. For a little extra chicken humor, try this one too.