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Virtual Directeur Sportif: Standings, At Long Last!

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Vds2_mediumAt long last, your VDS update:

  1. BF&S, 8950
  2. Portinado, 8723
  3. Castrogiovanni (blahblahblah), 8613
  4. Brian Clough's Nose, 8442
  5. Team Beer Lao, 8399
  6. Vlammende Vedetten, 8254
  7. Muk's Maybes, 8237
  8. More Cobbles Please, 8130
  9. Crazy D's Chain Gang, 7972
  10. Down Tube Shifters, 7961

Peruse the whole standings here. First, this is incredibly wide-open, which makes me (and undoubtedly Ursula) very happy. A thousand points separating the top ten... it's a noticeable spread, but except for BF&S' stunning rise the splits are rather narrow. The point of our scoring structure this year was to present a lot of pathways to victory... and a lot of agonizing choices, so as to make for more robust and varied competition. So far, so good.

Next, congrats so far to BF&S, a/k/a Big, Fat and Slow, who have relied on an interesting mix of riders including most notably Danilo Di Luca to rise to the top. These are the ten top-scoring riders to date:

  1. Menchov, 1425
  2. Di Luca, 1314
  3. Contador, 1076
  4. Hushovd, 1070
  5. Valverde, 1043
  6. Boonen, 1025
  7. Cavendish, 991
  8. Gilbert, 990
  9. Haussler, 982
  10. Garzelli, 845

Obviously the Giro has had a lot to do with the scoring, but it gets pretty interesting from #4 on down. Of the top 10, only Portinado, More Cobbles and Crazy D's Chain Gang are without Alberto Contador. They'll look like geniuses if the Accountant can't seal the deal in France; otherwise, the post-Tour lead will come down to secondary scoring.

Feel free to scour the results for errors, though know that I have my email set to block any messages containing the words "team time trial" or "tony martin" in any sequence. I apologize for the delay, it was one of those things where I got incredibly busy, put the scoring on the backburner in order just to keep up with substantive (ahem) postings about the Giro, and once I fell behind it was a bit of a project to catch up. Now we have full standings... but it may be a while before I can input race-by-race totals. Majope has been posting these in real time, however, so just search VDS and her ID and you'll find what you need. And hopefully the Tour will not coincide with any major real-life projects (besides my annual camping trip scheduled for the penultimate stages) and we will be able to offer regular updates. Finally, I will be making an announcement later today w/r/t a Tour-only comp. Look for the words "glutton" and "punishment" somewhere in there.