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The Lance Challenge! Updated... with Sad News

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Remember this? Yeah, I am sitting on a veritable gold mine of cycling mags from the Lance Era, thanks to Roadside (the same heroic PdC'er who produced our first official snuggie). And am still sitting on it. Not literally. That's the good news.

The bad news is that all of the entries have been lost. I blame Lance himself for taking so long to finally win something that I went beyond the Yahoo! deadline for account inactivity, at which point they scrubbed the thing. Clean. Maybe it's not literally Lance's fault. In which case I blame society. In any event, I apologize to the unknown would-have-been winner of the original contest.

In any event, rather than try to recreate the entries, let's restart the contest. Now, email me where you think Lance will finish on GC at the Tour de France, and whoever comes closest wins. Include as a tiebreaker the number of stages he will win. Rules time:

1. You must be a registered member of the Podium Cafe. Since that already includes half of the known universe (I'm told), this shouldn't be an issue. Unregistered lurkers: we flushed a lot of you out last week, and now you know why.

2. Pick Lance's position on the Tour de France general classification, and number of stage wins. As I said, the latter is just a tiebreaker; the GC position is the thing. And by position I mean anywhere from 1st to 200th or so. N.b., DNS and DNF are also GC positions.

3. Email your submission to Please do not email me at my usual podcaf(at)yahoo address. That inbox is busy enough.

4. One entry per person. Deadline is July 3. Good luck!