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Welcome to the Tour de France Virtual Directeur Sportif Competition!

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Yes, I have relented... there is a special VDS competition just for the Tour de France. And it starts... NOW!

Background: We have been playing the Virtual Directeur Sportif here at the Cafe for the past three years. This is our version of "fantasy" cycling team management, only without the creepy-sounding name. You pick riders from the list, they score points in the Tour, most points win. For more details on how it usually works, go here. But beware... this competition has some different rules.

What's different? The makeup of the rosters. Usually you pick 25 guys and have 150 points to spend. For the Tour-Only VDS you pick 10 riders and have 100 points to spend. As compared to the usual competition, you get to spend much more per rider, but then some of the values for the Tour-only comp are higher. And others are lower. The scoring has not changed, however. For more information, go here and scroll down. This is a Top Category race, naturally.

Can I play? Under the following circumstances, yes:

  • Rule 1: You must be a registered member here at the Cafe, and your registration must include a working email.
  • Rule 2: You can play even if you have a yearlong VDS team! However, if your yearlong team is ranked #1 after the Tour, you have to forfeit the prize! In other words, the winner will be the best team which isn't owned by someone who has the best team in the yearlong, so as to prevent hording the spoils. Think of how the winner of the first stage of the Tour only wears yellow, and hands off the green jersey to the second-placed guy. It's like that.

Awesome! How do I start? You have to fill out a form using the following excel document, which shows the riders in Column A and their costs in Column B. [Column C shows their scores last year, ignore it.] Ready to start?


[warning! This is a provisional spreadsheet; the macros need tweaking, but you can fill in the names and values manually, or at least start planning. Fixed version shortly.]

What other rules apply? Glad you asked:

  1. One entry per person. Violation = nullification.
  2. Your team MUST have ten riders. The most common mistake people make is to spend their whole budget on the five best guys and declare victory. Doesn't work like that.
  3. You must spend 100 points or less. You can spend 10 points if you want. Just don't go over budget.
  4. Use the attached sheet. You can only use riders listed there. Ordinarily we would take the time to catch everyone, but there's no time.Tourbecco_medium
  5. VERIFY THAT YOU DID IT RIGHT. We are flying by the seat of our pants here and really need your cooperation.

Are there prizes? Yep. Nikki and I will come up with something nice, won't we Nikki? It won't be the wool jersey that we give the yearlong winner; those are expensive and last year's are still on order until next month (oy!). But we can come up with something worthy from next year's budget. Speaking of which, the prize budget is 100% donated funds. Help sweeten the pot! Paypal me whatever you wish to donate at

And how do I submit my entry? By email, to Deadline is Noon Pacific, July 3! No exceptions this time, since it's mere hours before the start. Good luck!