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Tour-Only VDS Reminder... And An Update!

As you recall, in an historic development last week we opened the Tour de France-Only Virtual Directeur Sportif to all PdC members, not just the ones who were too lazy to join the yearlong battle royale. In that regard, here's an important update: I fixed the spreadsheet!

Here it is!

You'll recall, the first version didn't recognize the changed rider values for about 30 guys, which meant making a manual tally. Now it works automatically, as long as you select riders by using the dropdown button (as opposed to keying in the name yourself). Incidentally, I replaced the older one with the updated one, so were you to access this file through the original announcement you'd be working with the new one regardless. For the dozen or so teams who have already submitted their entry, don't worry about sending in a new one, I can handle your submission as long as you followed the directions. Tourbecco_medium

Now for some reminders:

  • Deadline is this Friday, July 3, Noon Pacific time!
  • Don't forget to verify your submission carefully. Check the rules!
  • If you have already sent in a submission, you can make changes up until the deadline.
  • Email your submission to
  • First prize is looking better, thanks to some donations. Up the ante through Paypal (!

Tourbecco says: "What are you waiting for? It's free!"