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Why Not Me? Denis Menchov

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If I were true to the Man this post would contain no words whatsoever. But please let me say just a few words on his behalf.

Why he'll win

Three time Grand Tour winner.  Only Lance excees that and he's like old.

Three other times 6th or better in a Grand Tour.

But those placings are so much window dressing. But really , why will he win?  One word: Passion.

Here''s what Chris (and the late Girbecco) wrote about Denis mid-Giro:

1. (2) Denis Menchov, Rabobank ↑

Last time: "Menchov is content to make early moves and hold on. If he bests Levi on stage 10 or 12 and gets into pink, they'll have to literally rip the jersey off his back."

Cropped_girbecco_mediumNow: Good god! He's the story of the Giro so far, by a longshot. Yeah, Di Luca's exploits were exciting from a day-by-day kind of view, but there has been one decisive mountain stage and one decisive time trial, both won by Menchov. And now they will have to literally rip the jersey off his back. I'm not sure his team is terribly weak either; he has Ten Dam and Ardila to help him over the hills. Losing Horrillo, a true hammerhead, hurts more than just to think about though.

Girbecco Says: "Hm, those Rabobank jokes don't seem very funny right now."

This Tour sets up nicely for Menchov: an opening hard TT, an early mountain stage in the Pyrenees to get a lead and game over. No one, once again, will catch him. His biggest threat, Bert, he'll shadow up Ventoux. And when he wins in Paris you dear reader will call him the best Grand Tour rider in the world.

Why he'll lose.

Oh he'll get top-five. Maybe the podium. But winning that just completed Giro is nothing like winning this Tour as the competeition there sucked. That's one reason he won't win.

Go back to last year's Giro for reason #2 where The Accountant walked off the beach and tore Denny a new one in winning that race.  And now Bert is actually like prepared. And Bert knows all about stage 7.

Then there's the fact that the Saxo machine ground him down last year even better than they did Cadel.


A podium place for Denny but no brass ring.