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A Little Housekeeping...

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Yep, on the road again, but not for anything fun, unless you consider work fun, which I often do, but never mind that. I haven't had much time lately to do anything more thoughtful than the endless Girbecco saga nonsense, but I think that story has had a happy ending, or at least an ending. So, welcome Tourbecco and we'll see you in a few weeks.

It's unusually hot here in Oregon, which wouldn't be here nor there except for the Mount Hood Cycling Classic, where Mike Olheiser has a slim lead over Bissel's Paul Mach and OUCH's Chris Baldwin. Sui Juris is all over the Philly International Championship, which has a more star-studded field and should be the highlight of the week, unless  you're really really into the Dauphine, which I am not.

Some changes around the site, but I haven't had time to review them all. Hopefully tomorrow I can read the email traffic waiting for me which describes it all, but in any event if you have tried to write a post of any kind, you may have noticed the differences already. I'll update later.

And on a side note: Ursula, I'm overscheduled! Hope to see you next time I'm here, which is pretty often. OK, off on another 8-hour meeting. At least this one is up the Columbia a ways...