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Dauphine Libere Stage One Live Thread!

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Lil_savant_mediumStage one is an unusual 12.2 km time trial. Practically straight out of the start house it climbs about 140m over 3 km, levels out for 2km, descends back to it's original elevation over the next 2km then gently undulates the final 5km.The route also squiggles all around the city of Nancy. I don't have the times or order of the riders yet. Maybe someone could post it in the comments below.

Video coverage: CTV has the US video feed. Check Steephill.TV or Cycling fans for links to Eurosport video and audio and France3 TV video (although I'm not sure France 3 has stage one coverage). Also Versus TV has a Sunday recap show in the afternoon plus a recap lasting 2 minutes hosted by Frankie Andreu on their website which Steephil also promices to make available.

The start of the stage is slated for 16:20 CET/10:20am US Eastern. CTV is supposed to start 11:30am eastern, with Eurosport a half-hour after CTV.