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Dauphine Libere Stage Two.... Live!

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Savant_half_medium Nancy to Dijon.Today's stage should set up as a bunch sprint. Don't let the profile here fool ya. Just two cat 4 climbs, with the last one done with 90 km left to ride. Boonen? Steegmans? The Other Chavanel? Lorenzetto?

Video: CTV and France 3 should start at 14:50 CEST, 8:50am eastern. Eurosport and the rest? We'll figure them out eventually. Check Steephill.TV or Cycling fans for links to Eurosport video and audio and France3 TV video and Danish TV and whatever else becomes available.

So what do you think? Is Evans peaking too soon for the Tour or is he under pressure (as Brian posits) to deliver a win for Silence Lotto? Is Contador sandbagging? Is Boonen coming back too soon? Is Steegmans (and McEwen and DeHaes) right for refusing to sign the Katusha anti-doping document? And will the three be finding new teams soon?