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Tour de France: Rest Day Open Thread

Letour-square-09_mediumBoy do I need a rest. We just capped a week of family in town for a big event, kids & grownups, parties, restaurants, etc., during which time I was only just able to watch the Tour, which thankfully ends each day before life kicked into high gear. Now... I can concentrate!

To that end, I have to wonder if anyone in the peloton is happy about this rest day. We know there are the Jens! Voigt types who abhor rest days as a matter of principle -- why should the sun come up if I can't go ride my bike? goes the thinking. For everyone else, it's a question of whether they can maximize their potential in the Tour de France as a result of the rest day, or in spite of it. There are limits to the benefit of my own experience, so... not having done more than a two-day stage race, I have to wonder whether it's easier to have a rest day before the pain and exhaustion sinks in too deeply, or whether an early rest day following a modest Pyrenean tryptich is simply pointless. Either way, I doubt there will be much singing the praise of the day off.

Use this post to follow the day's non-events. Like, oh, who knows, some Astana polemica interviews?