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Le Tour VDS Standings... Updated!

Vds2_mediumY'all know the story... here's your latest:

  1. SF Rando, 716 points
  2. Team Spandex Time Suck, 640
  3. Garuda32, 635
  4. Cadmium Yellow (etc.), 633
  5. Little Giants du Tour, 615
  6. Drongorrible, 612
  7. Bikenik, 611
  8. Is it cyclocross season yet?, 560
  9. (tie) Toursauce, 554
  10. (tie) Tintinnabulation Bingo, 554

There are still two teams whose owners have email from me, because I can't open the files they submitted. Will resolve those toxic files ASAP for inclusion next time (manana). For now, for the full results, GO HERE.

Oh, and Thor may be in green but Cavendish is still the top-scoring rider, a full 87 points ahead. Cancellara next, Thor third, and after that it's a whole lotta little points.