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The Badger Has Jumped the Shark

Bernard Hinault to Andy Hood:

Bernard Hinault: Attack! It’s necessary to attack. There are not 36 solutions, just attack! I think the four riders who are placed in GC, if the others don’t try to attack them, there is no way to get time on them. But with what is left of the Tour, there are still ways to pressure them; to have some fun.

VN: But isn’t it necessary to attack intelligently?

BH: There is nothing but brute force that can win a race. The only thing the head is good for is to help endure the elements, because there are some riders who are not so strong in the head and not so good at that.

What? So not only does the Badger get drunk and start slagging everyone in sight; now he's advocating for attacking unintelligently? Was he alive for the Indurain era? Did he watch in Lance's last couple years? Is he channeling Alexandre Vinokourov, what with all his Tour wins? I know I've been on record in saying that pouring a few drinks down Hinault's throat and popping a tape recorder in front of him is the surest bet on planet Earth for some good entertainment, but like all good entertainment, it has an expiration date. Bernard Hinault, here's you: