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The Mother of all VDS smacktalk: TourEdition

OK all of you with a yearlong VDS-team. This is it. You may have fooled yourself into thinking that the Ster Electrotoer actually made a difference but you were wrong. This is the Tour, Baby. This is where the big boys and girls come out to play.
This is what separates The Players from............... well Ursula I suppose. Vds2_medium

Sure the Giro and the Vuelta may count for just as many points but we are talking MAJOR bragging rights here. The once in a lifetime opportunity to point to your fellow PdCers and snicker smugly at their inferior teambuilding-skills. And for those of you who didn't pick Contador there is always the possibility to mock those un-original enough to do so. Let's face it, if you want to win there is always next year.

So now that the Tour is almost upon us,let's hear it. How do your teams look and why will they dominate these next three weeks?