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Le Tour VDS Standings: Rest Day Update!

Vds2_mediumI've said many times that the final day is when the REAL points are distributed. All else being equal (i.e. you have Contador), it's probably better to be on this list than not. Your current top ten:

  1. SF_Rando, 1161 points
  2. Team Spandex Time Suck, 1120
  3. Alberto's Army, 1043
  4. Bienvenidos, 1029
  5. Drongorrible, 1022
  6. Sad le (saddle?) Sores, 1005
  7. Little Giants du Tour, 970
  8. Toursauce, 964
  9. The Tourettes, 963
  10. Abdujaparov Fan, 962

Go HERE for full details. Infesting the Lanterne Rouge vehicle are a pack of Marmottes, a/k/a Les Marmottes -- owned by none other than our WillJ, who as I type is sipping a fine wine after another day of galavanting around the very same mountains I do little more than blog about, I would guess. Nobody inspires more jealousy here than Will, who has repeatedly turned down offers here at the Cafe of marriage (he's taken) and trading lives (does this ever really work out?). Fortunately he seems like a very nice gentleman and a truly informed cycling fan -- you'd be too if you lived in Haute Savoie and cared about the sport. Nevertheless, his VDS misfortune is generally considered everyone else's relief.

Three more errant team rosters have been fixed. As always, I hope that's it. And as always, it probably isn't. Contact Tourbecco if your team is missing.