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BREAKING: Danilo DiLuca Positive at Giro, Suspended

First reports coming from

Danilo Di Luca at the Giro last caught on using Cera, a version of EPO. The Italian of LPR finished second in the Tour of Italy after the Russian Denis Mensjov. The winner of the Giro in 2007 while one wore the pink jersey and won two rounds.

Now La Gazzetta dello Sport:

The checks were made dall'Uci in the laboratory of parisian Chatenai-Malabry, which has already suspended the athlete.

Translations by Google. UCI statement in the comments. More coming...

... adding: does anyone in the peloton think they can get away with CERA now? Seems brazenly stupid. In all honesty, nobody was totally sold on DiLuca's performance, so this is the shoe dropping. If confirmed, that is; as a technical matter I suppose we should await details and confirmation.