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The last TT of a Grand Tour is always quirky IMO as it's overshadowed by teams looking to meet their final GC goals and by riders being plum tuckered out. For instance here's what crack poster Jens had to say about Cancellara's chances tomorrow:

With 2 guys with podium chances

- 2 helpers out injured
- Cance having had his week in the sun

I’m pretty sure we will see a pianoride tomorrow.

Maybe you disagree with Jens' logic here but the point here is that you can't look at this stage in a vacuum. Some riders who you might expect to do well won't while others will pull through with the ITT of their lives. Below is a poll asking you to predict tomorrow's winner, but how about in the comments you predict the top five with your reasoning?

My top five:

1. Bert Grabsch

2. Alberto Contador

3. Tony Martin

4. David Millar

5. Bradley Wiggins

My rationalizations:

Grabsch and T-Mart have not had to ride for GC leaders so they are laying up for this one. It's flatness especially favors Grabsch.

Contador held back a little from todays stage so he'll look to crush his GC rivals; make them realize that there's just no way in hell that they can get back time on him on Mt. Ventoux.

Millar has also been careful not to overcook on the mountains. He'll like the course too.

Wiggins- because he's a good chronoman and he didn't totally crack on today's stage like Kloden did.

I agree with Jens' Cancellara prediction. Otherwise I'd favor him of course.

Kloden will have a decent TT but just not great. Just out of the top 5.

Andy will have his best TT ever. Maybe 10th best on the day?

Lance will do like he's done on TT's all year: good but not among the leaders.

Vinny is my outside pick for top-5 or top 3. He or Chavanel. When Vinnny crosseds the line, he'll unzip his top to reveal an undershirt with Girbecco's picture on it and the phrase, "Why did the Swedes kill Girbecco?"