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Vds2_mediumCongrats to... Les Chasses Patate!

First, DS Mathieu had the unbelievable sense to pair Contador and Schleck with Cavendish and Wiggins, plus a couple stage winners to boot. Second, this is not just a victory for Mathieu... it's a victory for France! They can win the Tour, see?

FULL RESULTS HERE. Final top ten:

  1. Les Chasses Patate, 3115 points
  2. Qman, 2998
  3. Team Fangirl, 2971
  4. Reticulate Paulines, 2931
  5. Tiny Bubbles, 2886
  6. Kahartz, 2850
  7. SuperRandom, 2820
  8. Team Seadogs, 2795
  9. Team Aero-GH, 2790
  10. Apres Nous Le Deluge, 2735

Well done guys. I am grateful to have something of a clear winner, since the rest of the classification is very tight. Some notables:

* Frinking's Dit Is Een Drama bagged the Lanterne Rouge, scoring an incredible 137 points. It's no wonder we didn't hear much from our Dutch friend over the past few weeks. Honestly, the bottom of the table is something of an honor roll. WillJ third to last? The guy who personally reconnoitered the entire course? Hey, sometimes it's possible to know too much about cycling, I guess.

* Paris Hilltoppers won the Most Mediocre prize. Of 140 teams, they finished 70th. If you couldn't keep up with the Paris Hilltoppers, you kind of suck. At the very least.

* Top scoring riders:

  1. Alberto Contador, 1046 points
  2. Andy Schleck, 697
  3. Mark Cavendish, 687
  4. Thor Hushovd, 490
  5. Lance Armstrong, 411

Oh well... Mathieu, contact me at to talk about your prize! I will update the yearlong results tomorrow; still have to do the Nats winners...