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The Lance Challenge: Don't Mess With Frinking!

First, remember this? Our in-house competition to guess Lance's outcome at the Tour; prize a stack of old magazines from the Lance era (laughing? I bet these will turn out to be the most valuable prize we've ever given out). Well, I was scrolling through the emails, first wondering if anyone will come close, then contemplating having to break a tie betwen first and fifth (stage wins would have had to do), then contemplating the cost of mailing to Australia after Cycle Girl guessed fourth with no stages (nice!). Then I saw this:

Hmm 3 with 0 stages but 1 second place an 2 top 5 places.

OK, no second places but:

  • Third overall
  • zero stage wins (individually)
  • two 5ths (stages 17 & 20)

whoa... That's several layers of tiebreaker on top of the winning guess. Nice one young Frinking. Contact me at to talk about delivery. [Another international shipment. Why do I bother?]