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A Hearty Thank You

July is always a crazy month, but really:

  • 150 new members
  • 200 stories, not including fanshots
  • Gawd only knows how many comments, but we broke long-standing records several times over
  • Traffic at something like four times our highest ever rate (set in May)

So... thanks to so many of you for your varied contributions. Thanks to Crashdan for his daily stage previews and to Gavia for letting us poach from her work, which we all know firsthand to be so valuable to the Cafe. Thanks to Jens for running the live threads each day. Thanks to Veloki for her brilliant artwork that gets better and better each race, somehow. Thanks to Ursula and Majope for crunching the numbers and picking off other topics. Thanks to many, many others for their contributions in fanposts, fanshots and comments. Ever notice how UMWolverine would start almost every stage thread by posting all the live tickers? Stuff like that, thankless work done for no reason other than to inform other people, is what makes this site tick. That's just the handiest example of many.

Thanks to SBN for running the servers and continually updating the interface... including the color scheme. Thanks to Yahoo!, our partner over the last month, for joining with us and bringing so many new voices to the fray. I could go on... but it's been a ton of fun, and if you're new around here, you should know that the Tour is simply a gateway drug. It's really all about the Classics. Stick around.

Lastly, thanks to all for keeping the tone the way it is around here. This Tour brought us into contact with all the third rails of cycling -- Lance, the DiLuca doping, various biases, relegation rules, etc. -- all while integrating a large number of newcomers into the Cafe. I've said a million times, unless you really know people, it can be hard to detect tone from typed messages, and the long-time people here are known for a variety of wit. So to have so few misunderstandings and behavior cases is a chapeau to y'all. Cheers!