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BREAKING: Tragedy Strikes Again?!

Tourbecco_cropped_mediumI hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

Police in Avignon, France have filed a missing persons report for Tourbecco, beloved July mascot of the Podium Cafe. Tourbecco was last seen Thursday in a sunflower field, a photo he emailed from the road to the Cafe, but has not been seen or heard from since. While police suspect foul play, they are not ruling the case a homicide yet. Details -- including some strange and shocking developments -- on the flip...

As I mentioned, Tourbecco was last seen in the photo widely shared here at the cafe from the sunflower fields. Police have actually recovered his iPhone, which contained several photos that lend some insight into what may have happened. Here they are:


There seems to be someone approaching...


What the...? Is it? Can it be??


Unfortunately this picture leaves little doubt: Girbecco has risen from the grave and seen fit to stalk his cousin, most likely as part of a generalized search of brains. Police found some blood at the scene, but no body and no brains, so the outcome of this confrontation remains unsolved. While expressing some surprise at the appearance of Zombie Girbecco, Avignon police and other officials have acknowledged the recent increase of zombism in the region. Stay tuned, we will post more details as they come in.

I for one am not assuming he's dead. Nevertheless, this has been a tragic year for our Beccos, and at midnight tonight I will commemorate their losses by pouring out 40 ouces of Oranjeboom on the ground, next to my laptop. Tourbecco, if you're out there buddy, stay well.