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VDS Yearlong Comp: Post-Tour Update!

Vds2_mediumSince so many teams angled for the Tour, this arguably is one of the more important phases of the Yearlong VDS. Of course, since everyone had Contador, perhaps it isn't. Unless you cleaned up at the Nats too. Here goes:

Tour results:

  1. Derailleurs in the Mist, 3949 points
  2. Low Road Redux, 3683
  3. Boom Tish, 3499
  4. Sco Team Aero, 3498
  5. Big Aloha, 3458
  6. Vincere del Mori, 3453
  7. Little Rubber Girl, 3419
  8. BAMFLMFALHEHE..., 3416
  9. Cruzers, 3406
  10. Let's Hurt a Little!, 3384

Full listing HERE. There was something of a steeper dropoff after this, then a huge glut of teams in the 2300-2600 point range. Just a handful of teams under 1,000 points, led by Vini, Vidi, Vici's rather convincing Lanterne Rouge performance of 165.

Current Standings:

  1. Low Road Redux, 11554 points
  2. Sco Team Aero, 11402
  3. Castrogiovanni..., 11397
  4. Team Beer Lao, 11265
  5. Down Tube Shifters, 11197
  6. Boom Tish, 11060
  7. Brian Clough's Nose, 11039
  8. Cruzers, 11011
  9. BF&S, 10837
  10. Derailleurs in the Mist, 10775

Full listing HERE. There are still quite a few teams in the running; IIRC last year the top teams were pretty well separated from the field, so this is a good sign for this year's values and other tinkerings. Welcome to the Top Ten (for now) to several HUGE movers: Low Road Redux, Sco Team Aero, Boom Tish, Cruzers, and Derailleurs in the Mist. BF&S hangs on to the top ten, albeit after giving up the top spot, but that's probably more limiting losses.

Couple notes: I'll move the jersey to Low Road and update the sidebar a bit later, gotta run now. Also, note that the Nats results are not ALL the Nats, just the ones where riders from at least one of your teams won. Didn't bother entering in a bunch of names that weren't scoring for anyone.